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The DARC e. V. Ortsverband (section) Syke (DOK I25) issues this award to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners after January 1st 2009 under the following conditions: 

The applicant has to establish all contacts from the same DXCC-entity. A change of location (/am, /p, /mm, /m) is approved, there are no restrictions in using bands or modes.

It is required to establish contacts with several national parks and nature reserves in Germany according to the attached list. The DL FF-reference is equal to the WFF-reference and has to be printed on the QSL-card.

The award is available in three classes:

Bronze/Bronce for  8  DL FF

Silber/Silver  for  14  DL FF

Gold  for 20  DL FF

Trophy Bronze/Bronce for 60 DL FF

Trophy Silber/Silver for 120 DL FF 

Trophy Gold  for 180 DL FF

A missing contact with a national park or nature reserve can be substituted by using a contact with DFØWFF as a “Joker-point”.

Stations activating a national park or a nature reserve must be located within its borders

It is presupposed that the activator is following the rules of the area activated.

Stations activating an area according to the DL-FF-listing are allowed to apply for the award by using a log extract. Therefore a minimum of 50 contacts has to be made.

All bands or modes can be used except packet-radio, via repeater and echo-link. 

If requested and proofed the award can be issued for a certain band and/or mode exclusively.

The application has to be sent together with a fee of 10 US-Dollar or 7 Euro to the following address:

Friedrich zur Hellen, DL4BBH
Hackfeld 13
27243 Winkelsett

Questions? DL4BBH@darc.de Website: www.dlff-award.de 

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